EW`s values ​​are born in our origins. Some of them arise from the closeness
among its members and the bond of friendship and trust that joins us to many
of our clients. Others are linked to the lived course, to our ideals and to the firm
certainty that dedication, passion and joint work are required to achieve a
competitive service, of quality and excellence.

At EW we think our values ​not ​as a tight list, but as practical principles we apply in our daily work.

At EW we hold up the following values:


We are aware that success depends on the quality of the service we provide and therefore we devote ourselves daily to ensure the optimization of our resources for its efficient use.



We characterize and distinguish ourselves for the ability to provide innovative and flexible solutions that adapt themselves to each of our customers and their needs. At EW we are close to our customers, we listen to their expectations and goals, we line up with their business and priorities, achieving managing to merge with them.



We are a service company where the number one priority is our customers and their total satisfaction through the fulfillment in a timely manner. Therefore, EW offers its entire structure to service customers, who direct and guide our decisions.



We believe in honesty in general as a mainstay of trust with our customers, particularly in intellectual honesty in professional life.



It is good humor and the willingness in the relationships we build up, which allow us to overcome obstacles and always look forward.



We prioritize teamwork over individualities, which brings us near to an interdisciplinary and heterogeneous analysis.



We are convinced that we will reach our goals only committed to our work and with passion for the work.



We encourage the proactivity of our human resources, creating a dynamic environment for discussion and dialogue, respecting the ideas and proposals that enrich our customer service.


{ M I S S I O N }

To ontribute to society through our service, providing support to our clients to achieve justice, equity or accompany the organizations in their development in order to achieve economic expansion and excellence.



{ V I S I O N }

To be a "boutique" firm recognized in Argentina and Latin America as a leader in the market of comprehensive, flexible and personalized solutions in the legal, accounting and tax matters areas.