On 14 th and 15 th september, Dr. Andrés Willa and Agustina Roca from Estudio Willa participated as the only one Argentinian members of Prae Legal Network of the second General Global Meeeting in Doha, Qatar. The Prae Legal General Meeting is a unique event that brings together law firms from all parts of the world and 5 continents to discuss recent topics in trade and integration and growth. The goal of the sessions is to share opinions among members in order to gain a better understanding of problems, opportunities and current challenges faced by all members in their areas.

The conference had positive impact on legal field, in particular, with the following objectives:

To bring together the world’s lawyers who are from one of the most qualified law firms in local and international areas to promote and enhance legal and economic collaborations around the world.

To promote and enhance collaborations address regional, national and local investment opportunities.

To promote effective action through laws all levels of governments and societies.

To discuss law in areas that has the potential to make significant gains in ability to invest, including new and improved investment and business strategies.

The Prae Legal Network intends to provide clients with access to different global legal resources through its vast network of more than 100 well-established independent law firms with offices in trade centers in their countries. Prae Legal independent law firms can rely on their worldwide network to help serve clients’ needs practically anywhere around the world.

For more information, please visit www.praelegal.com