In Estudio Willa, we have been active in mergers and acquisitions, both in the process of due diligence and the negotiation and implementation of stock purchase and sale agreement,syndication of stocks, or the appropriate legal form for tax and financial needs of the customer and the operation. They were made for domestic and foreign clients, minority and majority, even with the prior approval of the state mechanisms of Competition and post-closing monitoring.
Our multidisciplinary teams carry out the complex process of "due diligence" achieving  tight deadlines with a great display of  professionals trained in many areas.

Corporate Law is a very important area of practice within Estudio Willa and it shows itself in all its forms.

We advise domestic and foreign clients in corporate matters through the various possible structures for the business that the customer intends to address, as in the incorporation process of local companies and the registration of the foreign ones.

Estudio Willa also offers the service of incorporating companies abroadabroad through our network of correspondents.

We have participated in processes of acquisition and sale of companies, both in the due diligence, as in negotiating and drafting documentation in Spanish and English.

We are prepared to advise on mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, reduction and capital increase, capital contributions, dissolution and liquidation.

Litigation, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution.

In Estudio Willa, we conduct litigation in all areas of law before the judicial, administrative and arbitration courts and throughout the country.

We represent our clients considering legal strategies, having as main objective to obtain a rapid and successful outcome, both in the judicial and non-judicial scope.

Our extensive experience in this area is reflected in our participation in trials, arbitration, alternative dispute and mediation, protecting the rights of our clients around the country.

We are a group of professionals specializing in corporate debt restructuring, either through competition presentation of client firms, the bailout and / or conversion of his bankruptcy, as well as private restructuring them, integrating and advise the committee which is formed for the purpose-steering-committee, drafting the terms and conditions, term sheet-and negotiating the definitive documentation.

We also carry out extrajudicial preventive agreement, from negotiation of the agreement until the approval of it.

We are specialized in the redefinition of the administrative information flow of the exporter, the preparation of applications for recovery with full or partial outsourcing, monitoring after the presentation, aimed at achieving the recovery, crediting the refund or transfer, technical consultancy and auditing those with a pattern of self preparation, intervention in the care and compliance related requirements and guidance and implementation of applications for transfer of tax credits (RG 2000).

We also work on the analysis of the formation of this balance, the evaluation of optimal amount to request the recovery, preparation of applications for recovery, monitoring and filing necessary steps to obtain the approval thereof and advice and implementation of transfer requests (RG 1466).

Willa Servicios Fiduciarios comes off the market need to have appropriate staff and highly trained professionals who serve as support for the planning, design, creation and implementation of trust structures designed to provide an adequate legal framework to various commercial businesses, real estate, financial or others, that allow to manage and control through trusts, the structures developed within a flexible and dynamic framework. Our service is to provide integrated advice that allows linking harmoniously legal, accounting, tax, administrative, managerial and financial resources and maximizing customer benefit, both in the formation of trusts and in our duty as fiduciaries mismos. Willa Servicios Fiduciarios has the professional support and backing management and / or custody of the trust assets of "Estudio Willa Lawyers & Tax Consultants" which ensures the management and handling of potential conflicts quickly and tested to fiduciary best practices nationwide. Willa Servicios Fiduciarios combines the know-how accumulated over many years of professional experience with an entrepreneurial, creative and contemporary of its members to apply high-value solutions through a wise use of the Trusts.

We advice domestic and foreign clients in all matters concerning the Labor Law and Social Security.

Primarily, our activity is aimed at advising on conflict prevention and development of policies aimed at reducing the impact that labor costs generate on the total company, providing assistance in relation to the pay and compensation for task performed.

In Estudio Willa, we have played in complex restructuring of staff, with continued assistance in implementing human resource policies within the active and changing labor laws, labor safety and hygiene, discipline, programs owned property and the implementation of internal regulations and standards of business ethics

We know that, in the complex and changing tax structure in our country, business can be smoothly develop with less cost, only through a certain planning.

To do this, our experienced professionals on tax issues closely collaborate with clients to achieve that in each case the performance of their duties to the best interests of the existing provisions.
We provide all kinds of advice in a quick and timely resolution of tax situations, preventing them from being an impediment to the development of business objectives in the short and long term.

With a broad and deep knowledge of accounting, we offer customers a diverse line of services related to this activity. Since making the integral accounting enterprise-Out-Sourcing to specific tasks, total or partial payment of salaries and positions of VAT, gross income and other, guiding each client on the advisability of its implementation.
We offer advice and methodology to be applied in the administrative channels on accounting for current accounting standards and changes that occur in them.
We prepare the financial statements verifying the consistency of the balances of the items that compose them and participate actively on the content of the notes forming part thereof.

Our staff of professionals is ready to carry out supervision and enforcement of auditing standards, actively participating in data collection, reporting and discussion of results, with a very positive and constructive profile.
So we also work closely with our clients and staff, seeking appropriate and innovative solutions in order to address weaknesses identified by applying preventive administrative channels to ensure the minimum margin of error.

In Estudio Willa, we have developed an important activity in the area of antitrust, both in advising on mergers and acquisitions as well as in the daily life of our clients in markets where they operate, making proposals to improve their positioning in delimiting the rights of their market competitors.
This area also apply to transfers of goodwill and similar operations.

The fact that in Estudio Willa, we have professionals graduated in Economics leads to a more complete and comprehensive reading as regards the application of this law and the description of the market practices of the operations which are subject to approval by National Commission for Competition Defense

And, of course, within the area is the treatment of the issue of Consumer Protection Law.

In Estudio Willa we have professionals that assist our clients in the basic and necessary processes for more efficient and effective organization, reducing costs and maximizing profits. To this end, we provide the following services:

- Analysis, evaluation and design of business processes:
1. Reductions in operating costs, 2. Adaptation and reducing non-value added administrative tasks and 3. Analysis and implementation of effective controls
Design and implementation of management: The Balanced Scorecard is the most powerful tool to understand, implement and monitor compliance with specific objectives, covering the
3 existing perspectives in any business: Financial, Customer, Internal / External Processes.

- Design and implementation of budgeting systems:
The budget is a basic tool for the management and control
of the company. Our basic and different idea is to relate the budget to a previous control of expenses which avoids excesses and lack of control of pre-established guidelines. This comprehensive service of financial and operational control is essential before the inflationary and changing situations within the environment in which companies develop today.

- Economic and financial analysis of new investment projects or companies: In Estudio Willa we have the necessary technical tools to analyze the performance of any new business unit or new investment projects by determining,
on the one hand, whether or not it provides greater value for shareholders, and on the other, measuring how it impacts the overall profitability of the company with a new project or business unit.

- Preparation and implementation of function and internal control manuals: The main objective of this organizational tool, is to provide the Management, Board of Directors and Shareholders the required reliability as regards the compliance with internal control and management standards to better manage resources, processes and reduce operational risks.

The change management is the direct intervention in the business transformation and implementation of new projects.

Change Management is to act, for a limited time as a manager in the company (in a critical area, a business unit or as general manager) to lead the process of change and consolidation, or acting as leader of a special task group, usually interdisciplinary, to coordinate the most important projects of the transformation. Our service may include coaching, monitoring and subsequent control, with the changes and projects working operatively.

We offer advice and professional support to individuals and families, including the greater excellence in local and international tax planning, with particular emphasis on the following cases:

- Asset Protection (family planning)
- Tax Planning
- Investment Funds
- Investment Structures
- Financing
- Financing Structures and Products / Derivatives
- Expatriates
- Sponsorship Tax and Customs Legal Dispute
- Legal Consulting Tax and Customs
- Tasks Tax and Customs Enforcement

Advisory service and professional support for corporations and companies, with an optimal response in the local and international tax planning and making a particular emphasis on these cases:

- Tax Planning Double Taxation Agreements (CDI)
- Investment Funds
- Investment Structures
- Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
- Financing
- Derivatives
- Transfer Pricing
- International Business
- Foreign Trade
- Investment Protection Agreements
- Litigation Legal sponsorship Tax (Tax and Customs)
- Legal Consultancy Taxation (Tax and Customs)
- Tax Compliance Task Force (Tax and Customs)
- Outsourcing Tax Compliance Task

We also offer the following services depending on the requirements and needs of our clients:

- Audit of Financial Statements
- Trustee Services
- Expatriate Services
- Administrative Outsourcing and / or Accounting seek
- Earnings Confidential and / or General

In many cases, the sale of a company must necessarily be under the legal form of a transfer of funds of Commerce, in order to avoid liability for hidden liabilities and / or solidarity and social security tax. In Estudio Willa we adapt the procedure to the specific provisions of law, safeguarding the rights of the seller or buyer client, or advising auditors responsible for this matter.

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