As Tax lawyers and consultants at Estudio Willa, we decided to do our utmost to make up an accounting, tax and legal practice group, so a platform called “Practice Group” has been created. There is a two-way, double-function query channeling not only for Danish and Dutch firms so that they would be able to know and/or invest in Argentina, but also for Argentine citizens that wish to export products to Denmark or The Netherlands, providing them all necessary contacts and links in Europe to attain their goals.
Through the above-mentioned platform Tax lawyers and consultants at Estudio Willa provide their experience in Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Arrangements with Creditors and Bankruptcy, Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Labor Law, Tax Law, Defense of Competition, Private Tax and Corporate Tax.

Besides, with our "Doing Business in Argentina" report, we actively help Chambers of Commerce to do business with Osec Business Network Switzerland in order to participate in "Business Opportunities and Investments in the MERCOSUR zone: a market of more than 200 million consumers” event, which took place on April 16-20, 2007 in Lausanne and Zurich. This event also took place in Copenhagen, October, 2007 and in Amsterdam, March, 2008.

In this report, we developed the following subjects:


Corporate Law
Social Security and Labor Law
Commercial Law
Antitrust Legislation
Trademarks and Patent
Mining and Environmental Law
Foreign Investments, Political and Legal System

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